Friday, April 6, 2007

Winter Trip 2007

Finally we have some updates. This past winter we experienced a new season other than rainy or dry (which is not so dry either). We visited around the globe to have a white winter. We hope you enjoy video clips of our trip. A new venture for us but now we joined the broadcasting world. Please share any feedback as we do enjoy hearing from you all.

Physical Therapist Tip #3

Remember an "ergo break" can save a lifetime of injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain all result from people not wanting to rest muscles that have been forced to sustain the same motion for hours and days on end. Taking a quick stretch break every 15 minutes that a repetative job is being performed saves muscles from reaching the breaking point.

All it takes is to stand, extend the back, stretch out the arms in front of while holding the palms of the hand up and down. Hold the positions for 15 seconds each way. A minute of "ergo break" can save a lifetime of pain.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wishing a wonderful Holiday and New Year from Guam

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday season.

Just sharing a few of the highlights from our Holiday in Guam experience. Dmitry enjoyed being "angelic" for the Christmas program and played the part of Gabriel in our Christmas play. He is singing "Silent Night" with the Japanese group in Japanese as he is assimilating to this culture more and more.

Grace has teamed up with Edgar Dotdot is one of the professional musicians that attends our church. He plays the soprano saxaphone beautifully and is playing each weekend at the Guam Hilton Hotel in a band. We explore combining the violin and saxaphone playing Silent Night which sounds quite nice. Hopefully we can use all the talent in the Ypao Ordot church to create a music CD to raise funds for a church building alongside the clinic.

For our Christmas, we felt so priviledged to spend time with some of the most giving people we have met. Some faces may look familiar. We spent a lovely lunch with this group on Christmas on Guam.

That evening Christmas spirit continues at Tyrone and Leticia's home where we spent a fun evening playing games and sharing our favorite Christmas memories.

We hope your Christmas and holidays brought many cherished memories. Let's look forward to a new year of health and happiness.

Dmitry and Grace

Tip #2 from your neighborhood Physical Therapist:

Remember to stretch before and preferably after any physical activity. Taking the 3-4min. to stretch calves, hamstrings, adductors along the lower body and along the deltoids and pects for the upper body can make the difference between the nanometer of tendon needed to absorb the impact of the physical activity versus coming up short and producing the muscle tear and strain that many people face these days.

Tips about stretching:

* Only stretch until the muscle is taut and no further.

* Hold the position at least 15 seconds and do not bounce, this does not allow the muscle to relax to increased length.

* Repeat the stretch at least three times. And increase the time of stretch as the body allows.

* Stretching should not be painful, exhaling during the stretch gives more relaxation to the body to give a better stretch.

Happy Stretching and may we be injury free this coming new year.

Winter Trip Chapter One

Colorado Greetings from Loveland

Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Snowsports in Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs

Delicate Arch in Moab

Visiting Friends at Weimar

California Road Trip

Rota Mission Trip

Exploring Peaceful Rota

Bird Sanctuary in Rota

Donnie plays Special Music in Rota

Pastor Ondap sings Special Music

On to Saipan